About Live By The Pen

Writing and Publishing Presented by Paola Baker

As soon as I could pick up a pen and form words, I started to write. And I haven’t really stopped since.

I initially started this website in 2014 as an aspiring writer. That same year, I began working for our local newspaper. I’ve since worked professionally as a writer for almost five years, reporting on crime and local government for four of those years before moving on to writing for a marketing firm.

Working professionally as a writer gives me a kick like no other. It’s what I dreamed of since I was a little girl. I’m so proud of all the work I’ve gotten to do and continue to do. I’ve truly been lucky.

But I’ve still got work to do.

This blog is a launching pad for publishing my own fiction and non-fiction work—short stories, novels, and series.

I also hope to use this site to highlight and collaborate with others, from photographers, artists, musicians and many others.

You’ll find short stories, chapters and outlines for my most recent book, series, and other forms of literary content. Stay tuned for my blog posts, where the latest updates will be posted.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Sound off in the comments here or give us a shout out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.